Who is welcome to worship at Holden Parish?               
•     People with ties
•     People with lies
•     People in jeans
•     People who sing
•     People who can't carry a tune
•     People who only come in June
•     People who have big sins
•     People who have little sins
•     People in wheel chairs
•     People who need help with stairs
•     People who question their belief
•     People who are dealing with grief
•     People with addictions
•     People with all conditions
•     Children with loud moms and pops
•     Parents whose kids are in trouble with cops
•     People of any sexual orientation
•     People who are just up on vacation
•     People who must forgive
•     People who have much to give
•    Old People, Young People, Single People, Married People, Divorced People, all are welcome to worship in our loving, forgiving and peaceful church.

Who is not welcome to worship at Holden Parish? CLICK HERE

Who Is Welcome?

Mt. Morris & Wild ROse, Wisconsin