Mt. Morris & Wild ROse, Wisconsin

We are two similar but distinct Lutheran churches in south central Wisconsin.  We are joyful Christians.  Christ-centered.  Serving the community.  Eager to make new friends.  We live and worship and work in the rolling wooded hills and flowery (or snowy!) meadows of Waushara County, surrounded by wild life like we are on an ark.

If you come to our gathering you will hear us sing and laugh, listen with us to God’s Message and watch us pray, learn and explore.

We are happy people.  We have been greatly blessed and we know it.  We thank God for all the heritages that we have received.

About Us



The heritage of the Christian Church.  Since Pentecost, 2000 years ago, the Holy Spirit has nurtured the Church so the Church has many treasures.  We praise God for what we have received and use from this long heritage: faith in Jesus Christ, the Scriptures, the sacraments, the Church’s worship practices and the creeds in the Holy Trinity.
The heritage of Lutheranism.  Lutheranism did not leave the faith of the early church, but reasserted that faith when it had been badly hidden.  It is not departure but renewal of that faith.  Lutheranism centers all faith and life in Jesus Christ, our crucified and risen Savior.  Our faith in Jesus Christ justifies us altogether.  Our good works do not need to save us, but they show that, entirely by God’s gift, we are branches of the true Vine, Jesus Christ.  God’s commandments show us the wrong we do, but we have the Happy News that God is gracious to those who believe in Jesus Christ his Son.

The heritage of immigrant Norwegian farm families.  Beginning in 1854 they answered the promptings of the Holy Spirit and established these churches.  They wanted to celebrate and strengthen their Christian faith, preserve Lutheran doctrine and be encouraged for lives of love and service.  The founders wanted these things not only for themselves, but for the propagation of this good and godly life to their children and neighbors.  They sacrificed mightily to build these beautiful buildings, to call pastors and to establish programs.
Other Christian heritages.  We are blessed also to be people who by birth, or by extraction only a generation or two ago, are Mexican, Chinese, Poles, Germans, Czechs.  We are people whose early life of faith was begun and nurtured in many different kinds of Christian churches.  

We have deep and strong roots.  And from this heritage we engage modern life, growing to meet the challenges of living as people faithful to Jesus Christ and serving effectively those in need.

Mt. Morris Lutheran was established in 1854 and the oldest parts of our beautiful building were in place right afterwards.  On an average Sunday 70-80 of us gather for worship.  Our building is “the church on the hill” just a couple miles south of Mt. Morris on Wisconsin Hwy 152.

West Holden Lutheran was begun in 1893 by members who wanted not to drive (their horse and buggy!) eight miles through the snow to worship!  Our building, new in 1981 is a beautiful three mile drive south of Wild Rose or north of Wautoma on Cty MM.